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BILogix offers data compilation and analytic reports that help organisations better align their valuable information, and thus assists in making decisions based on scientific analysis rather than subjective conclusions. In doing so, we support the resolution of specific management challenges and also assist businesses in dealing with performance issues.

Over the years, BILogix has developed a strong expertise in defining key performance indicators for corporate customers. Operating as a dual shore service provider, we provide an effective, efficient and competitively priced service that supports businesses with Performance Management and Business Intelligence. We achieve our client’s goals through our network of consultants, both in Canada and overseas, and deliver solutions that help our clients improve their decision-making process to achieve concrete results and ROI.

BILogix can deliver comprehensive enterprise solutions for corporate Business Intelligence requirements. We achieve an enterprise wide result by tackling an organisation’s pain points and making it a point to address the client’s needs. Our process, combined with our highly competitive fixed-pricing model, makes us particularly attractive for small and mid-market businesses.