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BILogix partnered with its client to complete a highly automated OHS Business Analytics platform.

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of several related projects for our client. BILogix completed a full front-to-back instance of IBM Cognos for occupational health and safety (OHS) management. Our client is unique in that in its work it provides PHD level analysis and presents its findings in a reader friendly format leading to innovation and performance improvement. Information consumers are across the three western Canadian provinces and is particularly vested in delivering support to the Oil and Gas sector. BILogix via its client has the responsibility to deliver the metrics of several thousand employers and thousands of employees. The motto of “Measure – Manage – Innovate” is particularly well served by the deployment of the sophisticated and advanced business analytics available with IBM Cognos and we at BILogix are pleased that we were selected to support their project.
We worked with clients to design and iteratively develop and deploy a solution based on Cognos. The solution automates the gathering of OHS data in an OLAP data cube, and automates the output in the form of;
• Several multi page, formatted and comprehensive PDF employer and industry performance reports,
• Historical and current incident and performance dashboards
• Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) scorecards
The project also developed and deployed an innovative “drag and drop” tool, designed to be used on the fly, to research an item and see instant query results. The tool is designed to overcome factual arguments and provide instant answers. The tool saves weeks of delay and allows a health and safety question to be answered during the course of a meeting, thus allowing participants to immediately focus on the task of developing issue solutions.
As many other businesses, our client was confronted with collecting direct data (often contradictory) from many divergent sources. Much time was spent number crunching and designing reports that presented an accurate picture of OHS results. “We have superior understanding of OHS principles and advanced statistical analysis, but getting to results was a complex, laborious and expensive process.” says the president of our client company “Now with the tools provided by BILogix we can, in minutes – with the click of a mouse, generate a report that previously took days to complete and cost thousands of dollars. The resulting reports are specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients, are fully accurate and reliable and cost a fraction of the predecessor reports – a win for everybody.”

Our business is expanding.

We are pleased to announce two new sales:
• Our client, has commenced two new projects with us;
o November 2013 – engaged us to develop and deliver several enhancements to their Business Analytics capability, and
o December 2013 – retained us to examine an existing, out of date, proprietary safety management system with a view to rebuilding it and using it to automatically generate data for their OHS Business Analytics application.

• January 2014 – We have been engaged to complete a requirements analysis and the immediate development a relational database based on those requirements for a new client. This is Phase 1 of a new project. The client prefers not to make its activities known to its competitors but hopes to achieve a significant advantage as a result of the introduction of business analytics. Work has commenced and upon completion of Phase 1 will move on to Phase 2, a full BI development project.

We need more human resources.

BILogix is growing. In order to meet the needs of our expanding client base and maintain our delivery schedules we are always searching for individuals that wish to consider joining out team. Our team members consist of a combination of employees and contractors.
Immediate staffing requirements:
• Training program developer. An individual with the proven ability to turn training requirements, story boards and script into an outline incorporating the latest training principles;
o Technical Skills
o Experience List

• Video production specialist. An individual who working with creative illustrators, film makers and others is able to nurse a video development project from inception to completion;
o Technical Skills
o Experience List